Our law firm and its legal predecessor have carried out advisory activity on the area of labour law and labour affairs since 1994.

Our clients are mainly larger companies in Hungarian and in foreign ownership employing hundreds, in certain cases thousands of employees, operating in different sectors of the economy. They include significant companies in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies), power supply, communication, retail trade, temporary agency work, medicine production, electronics supplier industry, transport and car industry, but we also provide advisory services for budgetary and public administrational organizations.

Within the frames of our advisory activity we cooperate with the staff members of our clients to solve problems concerning labour law and labour affairs arisen in the course of the daily operation, we prepare legal opinions for them and contribute to the preparation and formulation of labour law documents, contracts and internal policies.

We act as the legal representative of our clients in litigious and other public administrational proceedings (particularly before the labour inspectorate or the Equal Treatment Authority).

We help our clients to establish the employment conditions of a more economical and cost-effective operation, beside this we also contribute to elaborate systems of working time, wage and classification, job profile valuation.

In the course of the last period we have performed labour law screening several times. Screening labour affairs and labour law aims the assessment of the employment system of the employer’s organization, preparing legal opinion in accordance with it, furthermore the preparation of elaboration of the legal possibilities for a more effective production and economy that is able to influence the efficiency.

The members of the law firm have obtained great practical experience regarding solving labour law and labour affair problems in connection with corporate reconstruction and acquisition in the course of their former activity as attorney.

We have taken part several times in the settlement of disputes arisen with trade unions, works councils, in the preparation of collective agreements, and in negotiations aiming the conclusion of collective agreements.

Our law firm has established a permanent cooperation, so-called attorneys’ association with the Tatár Law Firm that is registered by the Budapest Bar Association. On the basis of the association agreement, the leading member of the association is the Pál and Kozma Law Firm. The assignment to be performed by the attorneys’ association will be accepted in each case by the Pál and Kozma Law Firm as the leading member of the association.

In our law firm and in the framework of the attorneys’ association we employ three attorneys and one expert, who have significant theoretical and wide range of practical experience on the area of labour and employment law.

Our firm is at our clients’ disposal in English and in German languages as well.